KMC-Subject137 Library Project



The KMC-Subset137 Library implements the protocol described in “ERTMS/ECTS; On-line Key Management FFFIS” UNISIG SUBSET-137 ver1.0.0.

It covers the on-line distribution of cryptographic keys among the Key Management Centres authoritative in their respective domains. It also deals with the exchange between a Key Management Centre and its own domain KMAC entities.

The library provides a simple C language application programming interface (API) to access and parse UNISIG SUBSET-137 messages and is licensed under both open source and commercial versions.

General architecture of KMC

Picture from UNISIG “Subset-137 On-line Key Management FFFIS v1.0.0”

Download Kmc-Subset137 Software

The source code for the project is hosted in GitHub


Support is available at two levels:
Community-based Support

Community-based Support

Through our public mailing lists.
Commercial Support

Commercial Support

Via Project & Issue Management System after License subscription.


Users may contribute to the project by submitting patches via our mailing list or via GitHub.


The library is distributed under both open source and commercial licenses.

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