Submitting Patches

Patches are welcome and encouraged. Patches can be submitted through the mailing list or via GitHub. When submitting patches, please use only sources from the Git repository, and preferentially from the master branch. To create a patch for the project from a local Git repository, please use the following commands (‘kmc-subset137’ should be the local directory of a previous git clone).

$ cd kmc-subset137
$ git add the-file-you-modified.c another-file.c
$ git commit the-file-you-modified.c another-file.c
$ git format-patch

For more information on the use of Git, visit



If you want to build the latest Kmc-Subset137 code from the repository, use the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd Kmc-Subset137
$ make


Developer List

Project Leader
Francesco Zuliani