UNISIG SUBSET 137 Protocol Specification

The procotol specifications “ERTMS/ECTS; On-line Key Management FFFIS” UNISIG SUBSET-137 ver1.0.0 (17/12/2015)” can be found at the European Railway Agency (ERA) website. For your convenience this is a direct link to the pdf file (~ 1.8MB)).


Kmc-Subset137 Library Stable Version

Downloading the Kmc-Subset137 Library


Release     Version     ABI          Download-link

Current     0.9.0       1.0.0        kmc-subset137_v0.9.0.tgz
                                     (SHA256-SUM 860b81a69b0a4454a0a229954dd4fbce45c00fbdfc68716cea886d53b8061343)

Kmc-Subset137 Library Development Version

Required External Dependencies

* GnuTLS (version > 3.4.9) Download Link.