The KMC-Subset137 Library is released in four different versions:

Open Source
Commercial for On-board Applications
Commercial for Track-side Applications
Commercial for KMS

The following table summarises the features available for each version.

Feature Open source Commercial
On-Board Track-side KMS
Source Code
Doxygen Documentation
Formal Documentation (SAD with coverage matrix, User Manual, Validation Report)  
On-board API    
Track-side API    
OCSP Support  
CMP Support  
Multithread Support      
Test Environment and Examples  
gnuTLS compatibility      
OpenSSL 3.0 Support  
Support and Warranty  


The three commercial versions ( “On-board” – to be used in EVC, “Track-side” – to be used in RBC and “KMS” – for Key Management System implementation) have the same architecture following Main Terms & Conditions:

SW Architecture

SW Architecture

and the following Main Terms & Conditions:

Linked to one and only one Client’s Application (specified in the License Agreement)
Not-limited in time
Not-limited in the number of instances of the Client’s linked Application (see above) into which the Library can be included (in binary form only)
One-year support included
Long-term support available, under a yearly fee

License Agreement cover page (fac-simile)

Licensed Items

Software Architecture Specification (SAS), which includes the coverage matrix by the Library of the requirements contained in the Subset137 standard for the implementation of a KMS application
Software User Manual (SUM)
Source Code C (to be integrated in the (Generic) Application as non-safety-related code):
KMC-Subset137 Library
OpenSSL 3.0 wrapper (see
Test Scripts for the verification of the correct behaviour of Library and of the OpenSSL 3.0 wrapper
Delivery Notes with Validation Details

Software Architecture Specification

User Manual